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Unit One will introduce the city of Athens, its dramatic festivals, and the trials and tribulations of the fifth century BCE, a fruitful period for Greek drama.

Students will come way from this unit with a clear understanding of how comedy was political — in every sense of the word.

  Tuesday, January 26
  Topics for today:
  -- Course overview and requirements
-- Project: Introduction
-- Using the course website
-- Discussion: What's so funny?
  Thursday, January 28

-- Podcast: What is Comedy?
-- Podcast: Theaters and Theatrical Space

  Topics for today:
  -- The origins of Greek drama
-- The theater of Dionysus
-- Actors, choruses, and masks
  Tuesday, February 2

-- Podcast: Athena and the Panathenaia
Podcast: The City Dionysia
-- MacDowell 1995.2 ("The Audience...Expectations")

  Topics for today:
  -- The Great Dionysia and the Lenaea
-- Athenian festivals
-- Project: Performance date
  Thursday, February 4
  -- Podcast: Greek History from the 8th to 5th Centuries
-- Podcast: Who Was Pericles?
  Topics for today:
  -- The Persian Wars
-- Pericles and Athens
-- Stagings: Troupes, guidelines
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